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As if the car came with the ambient lights!

The car's trim will be replaced with ODM parts that come equipped with ambient lighting, maintaining the car's original appearance but adding a touch of luxury. Additionally, the vehicle's system will be CAN-BUS coded to enable real-time control of the ambient lights through the car's screen or control. 

Control the ambient lighting on your car's screen!

Control the ambient lighting on your car's screen with our new feature! With a simple touch, you can change the colors and modes of the lighting to match your mood and style. No need for clunky remote controls - simply use your car's infotainment screen to easily adjust the lighting. Add some life to your ride and upgrade your driving experience with our ambient lighting feature.

Your car is not ODM compatible?   
No problem, we got the solution!


Our company will customize an ambient lighting kit specifically for your vehicle. Our designer will assist you in choosing the optimal lighting setup for your car. Additionally, the installation will be done seamlessly so that it appears as though no modifications have been made to your vehicle.

Get to control them with a button and a mobile App!

A small button is added to your car to allow you to quickly change colors. A mobile application is also available to select the modes, colors and brightness to your choice.

BMW 5 series 64 colors Ambient Lighting

Our headliner is crafted with the latest LED technology and is customized to match your preferences. It can be adjusted to different brightness levels and 64 different colors, and even has different patterns of lights such as twinkle effects that can be changed to match your mood. It's perfect for long-distance drivers or anyone who wants to relax and unwind in the car, it'll create a calming and soothing atmosphere inside the car and helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

The Starlight Headliner is also a great entertainment feature for passengers of all ages, and can keep children entertained during long car rides. It can be a fun and unique way to customize your car, and make it a pleasant experience for all the passengers.

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